Chadds Ford Historical Society
"I wish to thank you for your very generous gift in support of our Youth Education Programs... to cover the cost of building materials for the Eagle Scout projects... and to purchase updated technical equipment for our School Tours and Outreach Programs. Its benefit will be felt for many years to come!"
Ginger Tucker
Executive Director

Friends of Brandywine Battlefield
"We want to thank you so much for your most generous recent contributions to the site. The Associates are in a continuing struggle to provide quality programs for the community, and contributions like yours will help us greatly in that effort. The children's programs in particular will be hugely enhanced by your gifts. The Education room is almost unrecognizable now, with the freshened carpets, the beautiful partitions, the banners and the posters, all of which help us to tell the story of the invaluable history which surrounds the site. Beautiful, colorful surroundings such as you have provided really bring that history alive for the children."
Judy Thorpe

One Note of Thanks:

"In regards to your most generous gift on behalf of Matthew, I would like to express my gratitude to your foundation for the generosity shown to us. We will be facing (thankfully) many years of testing and watching with my son's disease. There really was no end in sight for our financial burdens - having this debt cleared is like getting a clean slate! God bless your foundation, you are truly his angels here on Earth."

Words of Thanks

Though families are under no obligation to contact the Foundation, many have sent kind letters of gratitude. We have included a few quotes below, but have left off the name to protect their privacy.

"I am not sure there are enough words of thanks to express my gratitude for your generous gift. Our experience at CHOP was truly amazing and the gift of healing we received was more than worth the monthly payments I was making. My little girl no longer has the multiple seizures a day that consumed our lives. When I called to make my April payment I was in complete disbelief when I was told our account was closed. I cried, and continue to cry tears of joy at the act of generosity."

"Thank you so very much for the generous deed of paying off the balance of my sons bill with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I could not believe it at first and had to go online to make sure it was not a scam! This is the NICEST and most unexpected gesture and we are very grateful... in this crazy world it is comforting to know that there is still some good."

"It comes as a jarring shock to any parent when their child has to spend time in hospital care. Our Nolan was only 9 days old when he became so lethargic that he refused to eat. When we brought him to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the last thought we had was that it would be a lengthy stay for him. A diagnosis of viral meningitis meant that he required care in the NICU. Fortunately, with the help of the incredible neonatologists and nurses, he made a full recovery after two weeks... With the extended stay, however, comes an extended bill, and this bill was a financial hardship for our family... When we petitioned the hospital for financial assistance never did it occur to us that we would be the recipient of such a generous gift as to have the remainder of our obligation to the hospital paid in full... My family will never forget your generosity. Thank you again on the behalf of not only my family, but of all the families that you help."

"When we received the letter stating that the Phyllis Recca Foundation was going to pay the remaining balance on one of my hospital bills, we were totally shocked. I had to read it twice and then I called the hospital to make sure I was understanding the letter. I have never had anyone do anything like that before in my life. My husband and I are so thankful to your foundation for doing such a nice thing.

" I would like to thank your foundation for your very generous gift. I had to read the letter a few times until it hit me! We really do appreciate it. It has been a financially troubling year for us and this comes at a perfect time. Thank you again."

"We can't thank you enough for your assistance! You don't know how much it means to us to have this financial burden lifted! I honestly don't know what to say to express our gratitude! Our daughter, Zoe, is thriving & healthy due to the treatment she's received at CHOP. Thanks again!"

"I just want to give a big thanks to all those who were responsible for helping my family pay for my large medical bill to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It is because of people like you that families such as mine are able to get by in this world."

"I know that this card may not seem like much and I know that there are not enough words to express to you how I feel at this moment, but I just wanted to let you know how truly thankful and grateful I am for the gift that you have given. When I opened the letter from CHOP stating that your foundation had paid my daughter's bill in full, I nearly cried. You have lifted a tremendous weight off of my shoulders and I am so grateful for that."

"I would like to express my gratitude for satisfying my balance at CHOP. This past year was very trying and your generosity means a great deal to my family and me."

"This letter is to express our deepest gratitude for the generosity of your Foundation for fulfilling our obligation to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for our daughter Amanda. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in selecting us to receive this benefit, and it will tremendously relieve some of the financial hardships we have felt over the last couple of years."

I wanted to formally express my gratefulness for your charity and act of kindness. Please express my sincere thanks to all those who made this available to me and my family. I am presently a single widowed mother raising three children. Your kindnesses and that of your Foundation has made my present burden a little lighter."

"My husband and I would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to your foundation for paying the balance of our daughter Kayla's hospital bills. When I first read your letter I almost fell off of my chair. I had to have my husband read your letter to make sure that  I read your letter correctly. Since Kayla's diagnosis of diabetes a year and a half ago, the hospital and medical expenses have been a burden. Once again I want to thank you for thinking of our family."