One Note of Thanks:

"Our youngest son is a Special Needs Child and he is always at the doctors for one thing or another. He has had so many surgeries that we actually lost track of how many he has had. When a foundation such as yours helps out a family like ours, it means so much. We will never forget how lucky we were to be chosen to receive this benefit!"

About Us

Phyllis Recca - FounderFounded in 2000 by Phyllis Recca, the Phyllis Recca Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting the health, education and well being of children and their families.

With all the pressures a family must endure during the illness of a child including time missed from work, other sibling needs and financial burdens, the stress level within the family can become overwhelming. The Phyllis Recca Foundation has been committed to helping lessen these burdens. From 2000 - 2018 we helped 215 families pay off the balance of their hospital bills at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Currently we support local historic preservation, education and social programs for children and their families.

In RemembranceThe Recca Family - 1960
In remembrance of my mother Phyllis Recca Sr, who passed away on December 3, 2011. You taught me responsibility, accountability and perseverance. I will miss you very much.

Your daughter with love,

Photo: Recca Family - 1960